Wahl Blade Ice Cliper Spray

Wahl Blade Ice Cliper Spray

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While this type of product is used mostly by animal groomers to help keep their blades cool while cutting, it is also popular with vets and some domestic users.

The Blade Ice acts as a coolant, lubricant & cleaner and can be used on all Wahl Clippers and Trimmers. By reducing the friction between the two blades, the clipper cuts better and the blades run cooler - which in turn increases blade life!

Whilst Blade Ice does have a lubricating effect, it is still recommend regular oiling of the clipper or trimmer blades, as this provides a residual lubrication film and also helps prevent any corrosion appearing on the blade surfaces.

PLEASE NOTE: This item cannot be freighted via Australia Post or to PO Boxes.

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