Simplicité Rosehip & Lavender Complexion Refiner

Simplicité Rosehip & Lavender Complexion Refiner

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A naturally extracted Vitamin C ‘rub off’ exfoliator/mask that stimulates collagen production and immediately delivers off-the-register anti-ageing results. It firms and smooths, gives a beautiful natural sheen and helps most skin concerns, including rosacea and acne.


  • Smoothes, rejuvenates complexion.
  • Improves appearance of broken capillaries.
  • ‘Shrinks’ pore size.
  • Reduces acne scarring.
  • Calms acne and pimples.
  • Calms rosacea flare-ups.
  • Removes blackheads (first loosen these with regular use of One Step Exfoliating Cleanser).


  • Rosehip husk – we make this fresh extract from the husks of Chillean rosehips because they are the highest natural source of bio-active vitamin C and bioflavonoids These nutrients are essential to stimulate skin's production of anti-ageing collagen. 
  • Rosehip oil - from Chile contains at least 32% GLA (gamma linoleic acid), an essential nutrient that is the beginning point for improving and repairing skin.
  • Lavender – encourages cellular regeneration, maintains the health of the skin after exposure to the elements, balances sebum secretion, rejuvenates.

     How to use

    • Apply at least twice weekly for best results.
    • Apply mask evenly over face, neck and décolletage. 
    • Leave at least 5 to 10 minutes then rub off gently over basin. Support skin around eyes with one hand, rub with the other.
    • Wet hands and gently emulsify any left over bits of mask. 
    • Finish by gently rubbing a wet, well squeezed out face cloth over skin to remove mask residue, then cleanse with Plant Gel Cleanser or Sundew Cleansing Milk.
    •  Applying the mask - or subsequently rubbing it off - can occasionally cause some temporary pinkness (approx 5-10 mins or sometimes longer) especially if skin is very fair.
    • NB: The mask must be rubbed – not washed – off to obtain the correct benefit.

    Available in 110g

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