Pure Colour Optimising Treatment - Mulberry Orchid

Pure Colour Optimising Treatment - Mulberry Orchid

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Adds soft mauve tones to blonde hair

Ideal to tone and remove warmth on all levels

Instant hair colour and nourishing treatment adds copper tones to hair. Enhances existing copper tones or reduces cool tones. Will achieve a salmon blonde colour over blonde hair in 3 minutes or less.


  • Infused with natural Australian macadamia oil.
  • In approximately 3-5 minutes, colour optimising treatment instantly revitalises coloured hair.
  • Immediately restores colour intensity and shine.
  • Refreshes and revives brightness and tone in between salon visits.
  • Nourishing treatment conditions and restores vitality to dry, dull hair.

Conditioning colour treatments to instantly revive coloured hair, restoring vitality with increased shine. Seven convenient and instant colour treatments to refresh and revive brightness and tone between salon visits. Pure hairdressers can add an extra service with a take home bespoke colour blend that is unique to their client so they can maintain that beautiful ‘fresh from the salon’ look.

Available in 200ml

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