Nioxin System 5 Duo 300ml Shampoo And Conditioner Free

Nioxin System 5 Duo 300ml Shampoo And Conditioner

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The Nioxin System 5 Duo has two unique products. It has the System 5 Cleanser Shampoo and the Nioxin System 5 Scalp Revitalizer Conditioner.

The Nioxin System 5 Cleanser Shampoo is the perfect pick product for bleached and chemically treated hair with light thinning. If you want to strengthen your hair or amplify your hair structure, then this shampoo is best for you. The System 5 Cleanser Shampoo will make your hair and scalp ready for the ideal thickening treatment. The System 5 Cleanser Shampoo removes dirt, excessive oil, and various other environmental residues from your hair. Here is how to use the System 5 Cleanser Shampoo.

For using the System 5 Shampoo, gently massage the shampoo onto damp hair
Rinse the shampoo into your hair well, and work it into a lather for a minute
Rinse your hair thoroughly and use the System 5 shampoo daily with other products from the Nioxin System for optimal results

Here are the top features of the System 5 Shampoo.
This shampoo will prepare the hair and scalp for the complete thickening treatment
Best for those who have natural hair with thinning
This shampoo contains peppermint, which refreshes your scalp after the first application
For maximum results, use the shampoo with the other products from the system

The Nioxin System 2 Scalp Revitalizer Conditioner is the second product from this duo. It is ideal for normal to thin, medium to coarse, or natural to colored hair. Furthermore, this conditioner makes the hair resilient, and it will also help in controlling the moisture balance for normal and thin hair. Here are the directions for using the Scalp Revitalizer Conditioner.

After shampooing and cleaning your hair, distribute it onto the scalp and hair
Leave the conditioner on your hair for a few minutes before washing

Here are some more characteristics of the System 5 Conditioner.
Perfect for normal, thin, medium, coarse, natural, and colored hair
Increases the resiliency of the hair and controls the hair moisture balance

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