Naked Tan Luxe Slimming Tan 10% DHA
Naked Tan

Naked Tan Luxe Slimming Tan 10% DHA

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The Naked Tan Slimming Tan will give you a flawless tan AND reduce the appearance of cellulite. Feel the tingling of the skin as the active ingredients assist with blood circulation in problem areas when spray tanned.

All Naked Tan solutions contain a combination of organic and natural ingredients with zero nasties. Our Slimming Tan contains the highest quality ingredients, enriched with Argan Oil, Wattle Seed Oil and Ginseng Oil this product will assist in promoting blood circulation for fat burning, all while developing a longer lasting natural tan.

TO USE: Exfoliate the day before your spray tan to remove dead skin cells and ensure you achieve an even and long-lasting tan. For the perfect tan apply 1 coat evenly onto the body. Shower in 2 hrs and the tan will continually develop for up to 24hrs without having to wear the tan on your skin. Keep your skin hydrated using the Creme de la Creme every day. This will lock in your tan and ensure it lasts longer.

Promotes circulation, reduces the appearance of cellulite & assists in fat burning!

Available in 1 Litre.

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