Malibu C Swim Spritz Crystals
Malibu C

Malibu C Swim Spritz Crystals

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Swim Spritz is your must-have for after swimming. The freshly activated vitamin C helps remove chlorine and chlorine byproducts from your skin and hair, eliminating the harmful effects of this common chemical.

Directions for Activation

Pour crystals into spray bottle with 9 oz of water. Shake well to dissolve and create freshly-activated spray. For enhanced hair conditioning with each use, pour crystals into Malibu C® Conditioner Mist and shake well to dissolve crystals.

Directions for Use

Immediately after each plunge in the pool, spray on your hair. After swimming session is complete, thoroughly rinse hair and saturate with Malibu C® Conditioner, then rinse.

Available in 7g sachets.

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