Malibu C Crystal Gel Hair Treatment
Malibu C

Malibu C Crystal Gel Hair Treatment

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Malibu C Quick Fix Hair Treatment for Colour Correction is the ideal tool to combat over-toning, allowing you to correct any mistakes without removing the toner and starting again. The product can be activated with water at the basin, and remedies any colours that were over-toned darker or brassier than you intended. Malibu C Quick Fix Hair Treatment is the first step to any hair colour correction! 100% vegan treatment.

Start Colour Correction The Right Way! 
Do a quick 5 minute Malibu C Quick Fix Hair Treatment at the basin to fix the unexpected when toning. A gentle alternative to harsh chemicals. No smell and no damaging effects.

To Use:
Shampoo, rinse and pour the crystals into your wet palm then rub hands together to activate, adding water to dissolve the crystals creating a paste-like consistency. Apply and scrunch through hair, leave in for 5 minutes. Shampoo again, rinse thoroughly.


  • Helps remove undesired hair colour safely
  • Draws out build up which inhibits successful colour results
  • Protects hair colour
  • Hair is treated before colour is applied
  • Safe for all ages, all hair types (except white, non-pigmented hair)

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