Insight Elasti-Curl Pure Mild Shampoo

Insight Elasti-Curl Pure Mild Shampoo

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A semi-solid, waxy shampoo, easy to dose and apply. Gently cleanse curly and wavy hair with this moisturising formula designed to effectively remove excess oils and impurities from the scalp leaving the hair soft and light. Ideal for all curl types from 2 - 4.

For type 4 curl types we recommend that you apply an extra application may be required. 


Enriched with Phyto-oils with nourishing and conditioning properties, which facilitate the washing process and leave the hair soft and hydrated, ready for the next step.


Take a small amount of product with a spatula, emulsify between your hands with a little water and apply to wet scalp and hair. Massage evenly and rinse.

Available in 100ml & 200ml

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