Caron Viva Azure Strip Wax Cartridge

Caron Viva Azure Strip Wax Cartridge

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Caron Viva Azure Shimmer Wax Cartridges ensure a smoother, cleaner and more consistent application of wax onto the skin. The unique design stops all leaks. The larger surface area of the roller head allows for a smooth, thin wax application, making your treatments faster. Caronlab Australia cartridges keep wax warmer for longer, making for more efficient waxing.

This ultra-flexible, elastic wax has a cool advanced formula, containing Azulene and Mica to soothe and calm and assist in rapid recovery of the skin. Its unique, strong, non-brittle formulation has a powerful grip, making it ideal for exceptional results removing short, coarse and stubborn hair. Its electric blue colour and the addition of sparkling Mica makes Viva perfect for clients who want the star treatment!

Available in 100ml Cartridge.

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