Alfaparf Milano Pigments Violet Ash .21

Alfaparf Milano Pigments Violet Ash .21

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Ideal for amplifying cool tones, neutralize undesired yellow tones, and revive grey/white hair.

The PIGMENTS brand is composed of 6 pure ultra concentrated pigments that are intermixable for endless in-salon customization. Not only can you CUSTOMIZE and INTENSIFY color with Pigments, they can be used in the neutralizer during smoothing services or perms, AND can be added to any pH shampoo, conditioner, mask, mousse, gel and paste to debrass, maintain and revitalize color at home.

The pure ultra concentrated pigments can change their structure according to the pH surrounding them, whether it’s alkaline or acidic. PIGMENTS have a powerful molecular structure adaptable to any pH level. PIGMENTS new carrier technology preserves the pigments’ integrity, pureness and performance. They WORK IN ANY pH LEVEL, whether it’s alkaline or acidic.

Available in 90ml 

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