Foil Me Balayage Me - The Knobel Collection
Foil Me

Foil Me Balayage Me - The Knobel Collection

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THE FOIL ME DIFFERENCE - Like their foils, their brush is designed with unique features such as: 

  • An EXTRA 10% tail comb to enable better control during application, and  20% more bristles than current leading brush brands to prevent product wastage and minimise time.

  • Feathered tipped bristles to ensure easier and seamless precision colouring!

  • Foil Me's signature embossing on the handle for a comfortable and non-slip grip.

  • A rounder tail comb to enable the safety of yourself and your client and enabling simple sectioning.

  • Soft, vegan bristles for the comfort of your guest.

  • All of the packaging and brush are 100% recyclable.

Product Specifications:

  • Overall Brush Length: 20cm
  • Bristle Length: 3.5cm
  • Width: 5cm

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