Brow Code Li Pigments Microblading Pen 17C.016 (10 Pack)
Brow Code Li Pigments Microblading Pen 17C.016 (10 Pack)
Brow Code

Brow Code Li Pigments Microblading Pen 17C.016 (10 Pack)

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17C.016 (14C.018) - Angled 20° 18 MM Smaller Blade Hole Curve #14 Blade

    With ease, simplicity, and efficiency in mind, when using the disposable microblading tool, you won’t have to worry about cleaning or sterilisation, which will save time for you!

    Each sharp microblade is fixed into the pen at the perfect angle to prevent the needles from falling off during operation and to achieve ideal pigment implantation and retention.

    Each hand tool is made of high-quality medical stainless steel and can be used with microblading pigments and with regular PMU pigments. The tool also features an anti-slip grip!

    Every disposable pen is EO Gas sterilized, with a specific lot number and expiration date stamped on each individual package. A sterilisation certificate will be delivered with each batch of needles.


    • Curved shape needle, with 14 pins which represent a needle size for thicker brow shapes.
    • Lining Needle type.
    • The technician can use the full 14 pins in full contact with the skin or just the third front part of the pins for thinner brows or little details.
    • Lightly angled to help you see your work better during the procedure.
    • Diameter of needles 0,18 mm, which is thin and helps the technician with sharpness.
    • No heavy hand power is needed.
    • To be used to create fine and delicate hair strokes.
    • To be used with a sliding or tapping hand motion, but no back and forth movement.
    • Eyebrows, Scalp, Eyeliner use.
    • Come in a pack of 10 pens. For single and professional use only.

    These disposable Microblading tools are a part of the Brow Code Li Pigments Permanent Makeup (PMU) Line and have been tested throughout the world by microblading professionals.

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