Brosh Unscented Pomade
Brosh Unscented Pomade

Brosh Unscented Pomade

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Original Brosh pomade is the ideal product for gentlemen who love a good hairstyle day after day. Specially designed to hold thick hair, such as typically Japanese types. Easy to model, even with your hands, thanks to its light texture. Never sticky. Strong hold and medium gloss with a perfect finish. Brosh Original Pomade is suitable for all hair types and is up to the challenge of any type of hairstyle. Achieves the best possible hold without sacrificing flexibility.

This unscented version is formulated for those who prefer their own scent to take the lead.

Brosh Pomade is not just a product, it is a way of understanding your image, your style and the way you think. Scent-free pomade that won't clash with other male hygiene products, such as aftershaves or creams.

Available in 115g & 40g. 

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